Frequently Asked Questions  

Q1. Where can I find information about admission to Meridian High School?
A. Please visit the Academics section of website and download Catalog.

Q2. How do I enroll?
A. You can begin the enrollment process by accessing our online application form or download application forms. Upon submission of your application, you will be contacted within 48 hours.

Q3. When will I be able to start If I enroll today?
A. If you apply through an online application form, you may begin your class within 07 business days.

Q4. Is Meridian High School  registered with Education Department?
A. Yes. Meridian High School is registered with FL Department of Education and Kansas Education Department. Meridian High School is also registered with The College Board and listed in The National Secondary School List.

Q5. How does this actually work?

A. Program #1 (Traditional 9-12 High School Program)
Our High School online program is available for students ages 14 through 18. We offer every course required to complete your high school studies, including many elective courses, all completed from the comfort and convenience of home. This is a great option for home schooled students that could use instructor and counseling services. This is a great option for traveling families, special needs students, athletes and actors. Need a make up credit to graduate from your current school.

Program #2 (Individual Course Program)
There are several reasons why students may fail a class resulting in them falling behind. Falling short of the required number of credits due to excessive absence, inability to keep pace with the rest of the class, problems at home and learning disabilities are only a few of the reasons that prevent students from graduating. However, with Credit Recovery courses, students can now make good on their credit score by enrolling for extra classes.

Q6. I want to learn more about school, programs, tuition fee, policies and curriculum. What do you advise?
A. Please refer to school Catalog.

Questions? Speak to Admissions Counselor (877) 737.3153


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Meridian High School maintains a racially non-discriminating policy and admits students of any races, religions,
gender and ethnic backgrounds to all the rights, privileges, programs and activities generally accorded or made available to students.
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